My Babies

My Babies

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Clocks

Part of our nighttime routine involves playing slow music and dancing with my two-year-old – something I have done with all my children when they were little. Last night when the music had finished the sounds of a quiet house gently filled the room.  My little guy – who I thought was asleep – suddenly asked, “What’s that sound?” 

After some investigation I realized he was talking about the sound of the ticking clocks in my kitchen and living room. The tick-tocks were just slightly off from each other so they produced a double beat. As we listen to the soft beat he pronounced, “It’s a heart, Mom.”  Often when I am holding him and his head is resting on my shoulder I’ve asked him if he could hear my heart telling him I loved him. 

I got him tucked in bed and came and sat in darkness of the living room and listen to the sound of the clocks pulsing like a heartbeat. It reminded me of a song my friend had sent to me earlier this week, “One Life to Love,” by 33 Miles. As I listened to the clocks, the chorus of that song filled my mind.

You only get just one time around
You only get one shot at this
One chance, to find out
The one thing that you don't wanna miss
One day when it's all said and done
I hope you see that it was enough, this
One ride, one try, one life...
To love....

My son was right; the sound of those clicks ticking away were the sounds of a precious heartbeat. There is no time machine – once those hands strike, I can never get those seconds back. How often have I taken sweet time for granted and how different would I act if spent every minute like it was the only shot I had to get it right?

I went into each of my children’s rooms and sat next to them on their beds, listened to the sounds of their deep breathing as they slept; I kissed them on their cheeks and told them I loved them. Then I went and sat on my front porch, wrapped my arms around my legs and looked up at the stars and made a promise that I would do everything I could in my life to not miss a beat of loving them.

For those who tune into this blog, I hope you too will realize the one life you have and ensure you take extra steps to love those around you, one precious second at a time. 

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  1. Thanks T!
    You are right enjoy every moment while you can. They grow up way too fast.