My Babies

My Babies

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Raising Dennis

“Can I call you back, I am standing in poop.”

This is how I answered my phone this afternoon as my toilet was spewing in contents of bio-waste that was recently deposited by my daughter. She was in total fear that she somehow had caused the mishap and kept saying, “It was not that much mom, I think someone had gone before me.”  She had unfortunately failed to notice the 4X4 truck that had been jammed in the toilet. 

I discovered the toy as I was screaming for my girls to grab more towels and was desperately plunging away to stop the contents from continuing to overflow. Upon seeing the truck I yelled that word that always seems to follow most disasters in our house, “DAAAAAAX!”

As he sat in the corner and I talked to him about putting things in the toilet, while he profusely apologized with his sweet three-year-old voice, “I ’m sorry mommy.” My thoughts turned to his ability to destroy in a matter of milliseconds, not in a malicious act, but out of pure curiosity to figure out how something works.  This is something that he has seemed to have inherited from birth, not a learned behavior. 

My girls were never like this as young children and maybe it is just my naivety to raising a son. It is about time I documented a few, but not all of his many moments as Dax the Destroyer for posterity – and to embarrass him when he gets older.

Durango Heist

Yes my three-year-old took my keys, went into the garage, started my car and was desperately trying to get it to go into gear. “I was going to drive your car mom.”

Baby Powder Tornadoes

Multiple times he has turned his bedroom into a baby power winter wonderland, they last time he came grabbed me and very excitedly said, "MOM, come look at the clouds!!!”

Cereal Killer

When in doubt, just dump the whole thing out.  Whether it was an accident as he was trying to poor more in his bowl, or a decision to hear how they crackle under his feet, this little guy has become a professional at cereal murders!  This started when he was able to pull himself up to a standing position

Now he uses a stool for higher access to a bigger victim pool

Downey Dump

When I combined his words, “I put it in the washer mommy,” with the fact I was washing my delicates at the time, the world started to spin slower and the TV suddenly sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher, “MWA waa waa” as I made my way to the laundry room.  I saw the two bottles of Downey with the lids off and blue streaks running down the side of the washer and my heart sunk.  As I opened the lid to see the wash water the color of milk I heard the loving words, “I help you mommy!”

Tampon King

For some strange reason my little man is absolutely obsessed with tampons.  He loves to open them take them apart and chew on the cardboard.  He has been doing this since he was one, and you would think he would grow out it; however, just today he came out of my bathroom with one stuck in his mouth.  The worst was at a grocery store when he dug one out of my purse and had it pulled apart and playing with it.  I was focused on shopping and did not notice until people around me started hysterically laughing.

His behavior with tampons has also created the need to explain to my girls what they are for (a conversation none of us were ready to have).  Imagine his horror when he is old enough to learn the same or I sneak the photographic evidence into his wedding video montage!

Despite the many mishaps and near heart attacks, I absolutely love his passion for life. It is amazing to watch him discover the world and through the process see it differently for myself. 

I am so grateful God gave me such and amazing son to raise – which is the phrase I kept repeating in my mind as I rolled up my sleeves and un-lodge the 4X4 Tonka truck!

When he is posing like this at one, you know you are in for it!


  1. Glad I'm not the only one who had (has) to live through this! Rusty wreckages are nearly as bad as Wes Messes...which he did on purpose. Although Rusty has been able to hold his own, it seems like that stage is almost behind us now...knock on wood!

  2. Nothing short of hilarious! Hang in there Toe...they only get better!