My Babies

My Babies

Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day

I knew this holiday weekend was going to be cut short as I needed to fly out today in order to support the last launch of the Space Shuttle. In fact with a launch of another rocket earlier in the week, I was afraid I might miss this weekend with my little trio all together.  Luckily all the technical and weather constraints were within requirements, we launched, and I was able to get home to my babies and plan a fun-filled weekend!

We started the adventure by picking out a line-up of movies to end each night with, ensured we had an adequate stock of popcorn and brain stormed what activities we wanted to do.

The first night we decided to go out to eat. Of course their first restaurant of choice was McDonalds; however, I talked them into going to the “diving place” also known as the Mayan – but due to poor navigation, we drove pass Classic Skate, a place my children were recently introduced to. 

My Trio chimed in with the “pleeeeease,” complete with big glossy cute eyes. My daughter even tried the, I’ll trade for doing extra chores routine.  I held strong. I knew they loved the diving place too, plus Mexican food sounded so good to me – after my 3-year-old started to cry, I broke.  For the first time in decades, I found myself with a pair of roller skates strapped to my feet – laughing right along with my crew as we skated in circles.

The weekend progressed with homemade breakfast every morning, followed by a plan of attack for the day and watching the scheduled movie each night. Hanging with my children without any distraction was incredible – I discover something profound within each of them. 

My oldest daughter is becoming very quick-witted, with most of her sarcasm seems to be directed at me – I found myself laughing at her flood of comments.  As I pulled through a parking spot for ease of leaving, she said, “fake backing again.”  The girl knows I can’t reverse into the parking spot for the life of me. When we were watching one of the movies that had a touching part, she stated to her siblings, “And mom will start crying right….now.”  And they all looked on queue to see me wiping my eyes.

I learned my sweet Belle is very protective of her siblings. I always knew Belle had a big heart, but had no idea she would stand up so bravely to protect her siblings. I watched her put herself between what she thought was an approaching threat to her little brother, shielding him. She even defended her older sister, which was more of a shock since at times they can be best of friends, but they also have mastered the art of sibling civil war.

My new found insight to my little man came yesterday morning when he came into my room to inform me that the sun was awake.  He crawled into bed with me and asked, “are you staying home today.”  When I answered “yes!,”’ he replied excitedly, “Oh thank you Mom!” As I was a getting ready to leave today he started to unpack my suitcase and begged me not to go.  I realized he recognizes when I am gone and longs for me to be home, something I thought was not as noticeable to someone so young.

So with this weekend filled with roller skating, a fake barbeque (I don’t have a grill), swimming, picnic, jumping on the tramp to music, chalk drawings on the patio, amusement park, and fireworks I learned something about me – I am happy.

I thought back to a year ago, and how dramatically different my life was then – in fact, I find it ironic the drastic comparison.  So many negative memories and emotions are fading now, hearts are healing, and a once tense relationship between my ex and I has began to soften. The effects of these changes are also noticeable in my Trio, they are more at ease and back experiencing life as they should, as children unburden by adult cares.

As I watched my children’s faces light-up under the glow of our fireworks, I realized Independence Day has a new meaning in my life.  One of peace, love, joy and especially hope for an amazing future with the most incredible children God has entrusted to me.  


  1. Another beautiful blog post. I am so happy to read about your weekend and the healing that has come into your life.You are all-around amazing and you totally deserve it.

  2. So glad to hear you had a great weekend. Enjoy the shuttle launch.

    ~Rhoda (The way you have your comments set up, I can't leave anything anymore---dumb blogger/google!)